*Bihar’s biggest news.R.K.ROY.*

Bihar’s biggest news.

A news of the disappearance of 30-40 girls disappeared in the clutches of liquor under the Mafia clan in Bihar’s Samastipur district has given the chowk to the district yesterday. On Saturday, May 14, more than half a dozen journalists of Samastipur were returning from Darbhanga in the Kalyanpur area of ​​Samastipur district This talk was being talked about by the tea shop that the land had gone under foot and hand, many people did not print the name in the news. On the other hand, 30 to 40 girls of about 1 villages stranded in the clutches of liquor mafia are missing in this month. Those people said that alcohol mafia, drinking liquor bottle in small children’s school bags, to bring alcohol to children Take it. After giving information to the police, the condition of the villagers is severely damaged, it is now feared that the possibility of killing of many children and their parents can not be ruled out. Samastipur entire district liquor is trapped in the clutches of liquor, land, paint and body trade mafia. In front of these mafias, the police administration has knocked down for illegal earnings.

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