Media Workshop organized on “Media-Family Planning an Essential Stakeholder” organized under the auspices of Chetana Social Institution, Aggressive India and Global Health Strategies

R K Roy

Samastipur :: – Media Workshop on “Media-Family Planning in a Media-Family Planning” was organized in the celebration auditorium in Mohanpur Road, under the auspices of NGO Sansthan Sansthan Sansthan, Agagami India and Global Health Strategies. The workshop was inaugurated by Ramnath Reddy (Chairman, Indian Journalists Association), Dr. Kanupriya, Dr. Amrita Kumari (Secretary, Rotary International), Sanjay Suman (Director, Global Health Strategies), Animesh Kumar, (Aggressive India), Sanjay Kumar Bablu (Chairman, Pradhan Adarsh ​​Seva Kendra) and Chetna President Dr. Mithilesh Kumar jointly. In the inaugural address of the program Dr. Kanupriya It is important to give information about family planning among uneducated women. Increasing maternal and infant mortality rates can be removed only from family planning. Where can the media of Ramnath rebel make people aware and stop the growing population rate? Where is the program coordinator of Agragami India, Animesh Kumar, where family planning is a major health intervention, on women and child health There is a direct impact, in which there is a reduction in maternal and infant mortality rates. Despite the progressive steps of family planning in Bihar, many women still do not have access to these services, the decision-making power in a home is limited, lack of information or resources. As a result, maternal and infant mortality in Bihar is increasing continuously, women give birth to low-weight children, and suffer from sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

Where is the Director of Global Health Strategies (GHS), Mr. Sanjay Suman, GHS is currently implementing the family planning project in Bihar; Global health strategies in collaboration with various institutions, informed environment in Bihar and favorable environment for improvement of extended contraception options. Efforts are made to make The objective of the project is to improve the contraceptive and to increase the acceptance of vacancy methods to affect the health indicators among women and children. Where did Sanjay Kumar Raja of National Sahara get physical, social, And there is a lack of economic equality and awareness that social organizations need to go to the village. Editor of the Explosive Times Mr. Jkumar opinion is lack of knowledge of family planning and women Nvyuwation Where did appear to target the family planning conscious in everyday life. Doctor Prabhat of Patna, Patna Editor Prabhat Verma, where the child marriage is obstructing the goal of family planning. Girija Nandan of the morning news is growing population due to the growing natural calamity in India, due to which the temperature of the earth is rising. And the problems of drinking water are increasing. Rajesh Kumar Verma of Media View / Mithila Hindi News Bev Portal, Where is the scheme at Panchayat and Ward level The growing population can be stopped by creating this. Hindustan Bureau Chief Rambabu Suman has the need to spread the information about the permanent and temporary resources of family planning and its benefits, in which the media will play its active role. Where in the speech of Dr. Mithilesh Kumar, in the attempt of consciousness, the use of contraceptive devices in certain areas of Samastipur has increased. Samastipur will not lose its duty in reducing the population rate and achieving the vision of Vision 2020. The objective of organizing a Media Workshop is to bring together key stakeholders, including senior editors, policy makers, technical experts and community members. It is necessary to present relevant data and evidence which will be necessary to accelerate family planning in Bihar. The order was conducted by NGO Secretary Sanjay Kumar Bablu. While the memorandum was signed by Chetna Secretary Savita Kumari. The programs include Ram Babu Suman and Umesh Kumar Mishra of Hindustan, Sanjay Kumar Raja of National Sahara, Shiv Chandra Jha of today, Girija Nandan of Prabhat News, Nirbhay Singh of Dainik Bhaskar, Prakash Kumar of Dainik Jagran, Ramnath Vithrohi, President of Indian Journalists Association, Rajesh Jha of Sanjha Vaishali, Prabhat Verma of Dakh Prabhat Patna, Ramkumar of Madhubani, Rajkumar Rai of Rush Hour, Media Rate Harshwar Dada of NDTV, Prabhat Kumar of Abhipip, Jahangir Alam, Ranjesh Kumar Jha, Aalok, Ashish Kumar, Dharmvijay Gupta, Umesh Chaudhary, Sanjay Kumar Rai, Ashish Kumar, Dr. Kanupriya, Rotary Secretary, Dr. Amrita Kumari, Surendra Kumar of Jawahar Jyoti Bal Vikash Kendra, Secretary of Asha Seva Sansthan Amit Kumar Verma and Umashankar Singh of Surjanrayan Seva Sansthan, etc. have also Expressed their views. In the successful operation of the program, Anil Kumar Gupta, Purushottam Singh, Savita Kumari, Rinki Kumari, Anil Kumar, Ram Suresh Singh etc. have an important role.

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