J. S. Hospital inauguratedR. K. Roy

R. K. Roy
Samastipur :: – J.S Hospital was inaugurated by Managing Director Vinod Kumar in Adarsh ​​Nagar of Samastipur District.
The J. S. Hospital was inaugurated by cutting the lace jointly by renowned medical practitioner of the city, Brajesh Kumar, District Education Officer, Leader of the Arun Kunwar Mandal, Ramkalver Singh, and Medical Officer Vibhitipur P.P. Singh, etc. In this hospital, many under the India Ayushman scheme Soon the treatment will be started. For this, Manager Kishorekant Chaudhary’s door Attempts are being made. In the hospital inauguration meeting, KK Chaudhary said that this hospital has been set up to provide better facilities to the common people with 24 hour emergency services and better experience with better access. In the excerpts, Dr. Chandramani Rai, the renowned physician of various fields, Dr. Guddi Kumari, Dr. Mudhit Rani, Dr. Anita Thakur, Dr. Headmasters of various faculties, namely, Pramanjan Chaudhary, Dr. Manish Mishra, Dr. Dhirendra Singh, Dr. Lena Singh, Dr. Prabhakar, Dr. Dev Prasad Sinha, Dr. Ashutosh etc. will be present. Head of various faculty will be present in the head. All kinds of investigation, including serious diseases, The system has been strengthened. Apart from the guests in the inauguration ceremony, dozens of papers including Samastipur MLA Akhtarul Islam Shahin AND hundreds of local citizens attended

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