The arbitrariness of the finance companies running in Bihar, the recovered UL Jubul money ……..  Rajkumar Roy/ Samastipur /Bihar

Rajkumar Roy/ Samastipur /Biha
Samastipur :: – Amarnendra Kumar Mishra (31), resident of Tajpur Ratanpur village of Singhia Khurd Panchayat under Mufassil police station of the district, father Mukti Nath Mishra has pleaded against the Chola Finance Company in the police station to stop the exploitation against them. At the same time, the applicant says that many times the agents came from Chola Finance Company, I got a Mahindra company’s car ‘Zito’ whose number is BR-33 GA 2441, which was received on 30-09-2016 at 48 installments of 7900 rupees. All installments have been deposited in time, but the installments of last April and May 2019 could not be given due to inevitable reasons (sister-in-law’s sickness and frequent stroke), in that they seized my car and rested on me. I paid a penalty of Rs 29662.77 on behalf of 23600, but I dated on 20-6-2019 the company took a note of ₹ 20750 and a coin of `40000, which was also reported in his CCTV camera. Land. But the company refused to accept the coin, while the government says that no one can refuse to accept the coin, the applicant says that my car was seized on 15-06-2019, in the meantime there is a lot of loss of money Talking to the same journalist brother, second manager Neeraj Kumar said that the BJP in charge of the Morva block can not disturb anything of mine and in our office two Come about by coin. Understand that the rest is ₹ 23600 by adding the penalties ₹ 60744 how it happened, the remaining ₹ 23600 and the penalty has become ₹ 37144 wow ray! Finance. Do not know when the government will end this loot arrangement. Now to see what the local police do on this ………

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